The following is a description of the policies we follow so that you can be better informed as you use our site.


Collection of information

Our website gathers different kinds of information, in different circumstances, from its visitors.


Why do we collect information?

We have created lots of fun activities that do not require you to provide any personal information at all. But by joining the Caillou newsletter community and providing basic information to us, you can receive email notifications, newsletters, notices, promotions or similar communications from us.


How we collect and use information

We may ask for the following information when you register for the Caillou newsletter:

a) Screen name and password
b) Birth date and gender
c) The country (state/province) where you live
d) Email address


1. Personal information for contests

A user can enter a Caillou contest through our website,, or our Facebook fan page. If a user is under the age of eighteen (18) we require parental consent prior to the submission of a user’s personal information. On the online entry form, we ask for personal information such as your name and address. This personal information is collected, used and/or disclosed solely for the purpose of awarding contest prizes, tracking compliance with the official rules and regulations and for internal feedback purposes.

All contest and stored information, including personal information, received from our visitors remains the exclusive property of Chouette Publishing and is not sold or distributed. Contest entry names and information are seen only by Chouette Publishing and our contest fulfillment house.


2. Online polls and surveys

Occasionally visitors are invited to voluntarily answer polls or survey questions that may be used in conjunction with sponsors/business partners. Be assured that in these poll and survey situations, only general (not personal) information such as gender, age and postal code is collected. The information collected ensures that visitors remain anonymous.


3. General website traffic tracks the number of visits to our site. All information gathered in this way is generic, and we do not track any individual users from this, but only calculate how many visits have taken place.


4. Cookie technology

Cookie technology is used on our site to maximize the site experience. For example, we may use cookies to keep track of a user’s country location which allows us to give accurate broadcaster and merchandise information. We may also use cookies to keep track of a user’s progress through a game we may have on our site. No personal information is gathered from these cookies.


5. Email newsletters

Users will have the option to receive email newsletters and other exclusive items delivered via email (newsletters, video clips, special offers, etc.) from These will be sent out periodically and will provide information on new releases, events, new contests and messages from our partners. They can be cancelled at any time by following the simple steps outlined at the bottom of the newsletter email.


Caution – Links

Please keep in mind that this privacy policy applies to only. Occasionally, we may have links to other sites, including those of sponsors and partners. Although we do our best to ensure that these third parties share our views about privacy protection and safety, we don’t have control over how they collect and use personal information from visitors. That’s why it is always a good idea to check out a site’s privacy policy – even if you’ve linked to it from



It is our intention to ensure that our site is a safe and enjoyable place for children and their parents to discover Caillou books. We review this policy regularly and will update it (and other sections of our website) whenever necessary. If there are ever changes made to the way we collect or use personal information, we will always inform our members. If at any time you have any concerns about your safety or privacy while using this site, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chouette Publishing
1001 Lenoir St., Suite B-238
Montreal QC H4C 2Z6